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I am a very experienced and successful tutor of English and Maths. I did an English degree at Cambridge, a PGCE at Nottingham, and then worked as an English and Drama teacher for 10 years, latterly as Head of Department.  I have worked in educational and children's television since then, as a producer, director and writer.  I have made over 500 programmes for broadcast on the BBC, Channel 4 and around the world, winning numerous educational awards in the UK and internationally. I am married with two children.


I taught in and near London, for four years in a grammar school and for six years in two different comprehensives, teaching English Language, English Literature and Drama. 


My teaching experience more recently has been through creating television scripts, CD-ROMs, websites and apps, especially helping young people to enjoy and learn maths.  Supporting my daughter through her GCSEs and A levels has kept me very much in touch with students' needs, and working with my son has given me great insight into children with special needs.